Sicily Excursions

Experience the magic of eastern Sicily

What can you visit in Eastern Sicily?


An iconic destination in eastern Sicily is primarily the most active stratovolcano Etna, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which magnetically attracts everyone to itself.

There are several itineraries for which different excursions are proposed, suitable for both families and more experienced hikers.

Everything takes place in compliance with the rules issued by the ordinances in force from time to time, with the maximum achievement of the quotas allowed for hiking guides.

When visiting active craters, it is always best to rely on a volcanological guide (that we can suggest to you).


Here you will find some excursions organized in the territory of south-eastern Sicily between Raguse and Syracuse.

We are in the territory of the Iblei (Hyblean) Mountains, which extend from Monte Lauro (987 m asl) down to the Ionian coast of Syracuse and the coast of Ragusa.

We are exactly in the African foreland, since this portion of Sicily belongs to the African plate.

Millions of years ago this area was affected by submarine volcanism phenomena, well before the birth of Etna. Monte Lauro is in fact an ancient volcano, and the evidence of its volcanism can be found in the beds of many rivers that originate from it.

The Hyblaean plateau is above all a limestone plateau which through the Karst phenomenon produced deep canyons. These places are real oases of biodiversity, where you can meet Hyblaean endemic plants and migratory birds at certain times of the year.

Another interesting aspect is the discovery of artifacts and shelter caves that testify the first human settlements in Sicily.

The caves, the imperviousness of some places, the presence of water, have made many canyons ideal places to live, defend themselves, and in many cases places used for burial, with hypogea and necropolises scattered throughout the Hyblean area.

Super visite guidée de l’Etna hors du tourisme. J’ai pu faire la randonnée avec mon petit chien. La guide Clelia est super et m’a appris beaucoup de choses sur l’histoire du volcan et des siciliens. Je recommande. À bientôt Clelia et merci.