Cava Celone, a treasure chest.

Cava Celone escursione ragusa

Cava Celone Excursion.

The peculiarity of this place is given by the presence of a large hypogeum from the late Roman-Byzantine era immersed in the typical landscape of the Hyblean valleys.

The major hypogea are three and have an area of ​about 1,500 m2, the catacombs, dug out of the rock, are arranged in a corridor with burials and niches in the walls.

One of the hypogea can be easily visited thanks to an iron footbridge, which makes it easy to access inside.

Continuing towards the valley floor, immersed in the typical Mediterranean vegetation, as well as meeting the ruins of the mills, evidence of an agricultural past, we can visit the rock church of “Santu Liu” dug under a rock shelter. Going up on the opposite side, sheltered by a pine forest, we will admire from the plateau  the art of dry stone walls with its Pagghiari (ancient stables) and Muragghi (stone heaps).

Tour length:about 6 km.
Elevation gain:about 150 meters.
Tour duration:about 4/5 hours.
Difficulty level:Medium / Easy for regularl hikers.
Recommended forChildren over 10 and under close supervision.
Excursion Data


Bottom of the trail is bumpy at times.

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