Cava d’Ispica, troglodyte nature of a limestone canyon.

Escursione Ragusa Sicilia

Cava d’Ispica Excursion.

Cava d’Ispica (Ispica valley) is a typical canyon of the Iblei mountains, dug by millennia of erosion by the Pernamazzoni and Busaitone rivers, 13 km long from Modica to Ispica.

It holds within itself 4000 years of history that have characterized this place which is highly picturesque thanks to its trogoloditic appearance, of buildings dug into the limestone rock. It was inhabited by about 6,000 people until the earthquake of 1693.

The site is a spectacular succession of Christian catacombs, prehistoric necropolises, churches, castles, houses, and various structures all dug into the rock from the Neolithic to 1693.

All immersed in an rich Mediterranean maquis together with the remains of  vegetable gardens on the valley floor, cultivated with walnuts, figs and pomegranates.

Our circular excursion will explore:

1.the Necropolis of Calicantone, cave tombs dating back to the Bronze Age, the Sicano Castle, carved into a 30m limestone wall. with 4 floors that can be visited, consisting of rectangular or square-shaped rooms.

2.The Convent, built on an inaccessible site, has a structure similar to that of the Castle. The supposition that it is a monastery is supported by the small rock oratory dedicated to Saint Alessandra, here a hole in the ground for the collection of sulfur-rich water, is considered curative for skin diseases provided you leave your own garment.

3.the rock village of Pernamazzoni.

Tour length:about 6 km.
Elevation gain:about 170 meters
Tour duration:about 3/4 hours.
Difficulty level:Medium / Easy  for regular hikers.
Recommended forChildren over 10 years and  under close supervision.
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