Cava Misericordia, a valley in Paradise.

cava della misericordia

Cava Misericordia Excursion.

Cava Misericordia (Misericordia valley) is a visit to one of the most representative karst quarries of the Hyblean plateau in Ragusa.

Through the Path of the Hermits, a long stairway carved into the rock, we will descend to the valley floor accompanied by the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, by a pine forest,  together with pomegranates, figs, walnuts, carob and  almond trees which witnesses a rural human past, and by the steep limestone walls, and we will meet various points of interest along the way:

the water springs that feed the stream,

-the Giant’s Cave,

-the ancient monastery of Misericordia, built in 1700,

-the Gorgo di Pieri, a natural lake,

-some ruins of ancient mills, now covered with vegetation and now undergoing restoration, evidence of a peasant past.

The excursion will be accompanied by folk stories, legends and traditions.

Tour length: approximately 6.10 km
Elevation gain:about 230 meters.
Tour duration:about 4/5 hours.
Difficulty level:Medium / Easy for regular hikers.
Recommended forChildren over 10 and under close supervision.
Excursion Data


The trail runs along the edge of the escarpment for a short distance. The bottom of the trail is bumpy at times. Crossings of small streams are planned.

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