In the footsteps of Inspector Montalbano

Punta Corvo and Costa Carro Excursion.

Between Cava D’Aliga and Sampieri there is a long and jagged cliff dominated by a thick Mediterranean scrub of prickly pears, capers, reeds, agaves, ephedra and dwarf palms that make the landscape wild, crossed by a dirt road that separates the coast from some houses and some greenhouses that still resist the saltiness.

Punta Corvo is an oasis of rare beauty with steep accesses to the sea: the most spectacular is“a spaccazza“, a natural descent created inside a narrow fissure that cuts through the cliff and where it is difficult for one person to pass at a time.

From above you dominate the whole coast with a view of Sampieri, from below you can enjoy a blue sea set between caves (Smugglers’ Cave, Colombi’s Cave).

Many scenes from the series “Inspector Montalbano” were filmed here, especially in the financier’s house, a ruin used in the past as a lighthouse.

From here we can continue to the first sandy beach or stop along the Scogliera di Venere.

In summer, it is a good place for Aperitif hike at Sunset.

Starting point: between Cava d’Aliga and Sampieri or from Sampieri if you are staying on site.

Tour length and duration time:about 4 km (time: 1,5 h)
about 6km (time: 2.5h)
about 8km (time: 3.5h).
Elevation gain:about 10 m.
Difficulty level:Easy for EVERYONE.
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INFO NOTES: bottom of the trail can be bumpy at time.

Excursion Sampieri and Fornace Penna

We can start from the town of Sampieri, a small seaside village, made up of a maze of narrow streets, which line the seafront, we will go along a footpath that crosses the eucalyptus woods and short dunes, now rare, we will arrive at the Fornace Penna.

The Fornace Penna  (a furnace called Penna) completed in 1912, was a factory that produced about 10,000 pieces of bricks a day and that exported tiles and bricks to Mediterranean countries.

The plan is basilical, so much so that it is more reminiscent of a church than a factory. In 1924 due to an arson it was destroyed and since then it has been lying wounded on the sea of ​​Punta Pisciotto, lashed by winds and salt that cause it to gradually collapse.

The Fornace Penna is one of the places where scenes from the series “The Inspector Montalbano” were filmed.

In summer, it is a good place for Aperitif hike at Sunset.

Tour length:about 1.3 km.
Tour duration:45 mins. about.
Difficulty level:Easy. Suitable for EVERYONE.
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INFO NOTES: Path can pass also on the beach.

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