dolmen Iblei

Cava dei Servi, explore one dolmen in the Iblei.

Cava dei Servi Excursion. Its name is due to the presence of Christians that lived and prayed in the Caves during the Byzantine era, because of the Muslims incursions. This charming Cava is located between Ragusa, Rosolini and Modica. […]

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In the footsteps of Inspector Montalbano

Punta Corvo and Costa Carro Excursion. Between Cava D’Aliga and Sampieri there is a long and jagged cliff dominated by a thick Mediterranean scrub of prickly pears, capers, reeds, agaves, ephedra and dwarf palms that make the landscape wild, crossed by […]

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Cava Celone escursione ragusa

Cava Celone, a treasure chest.

Cava Celone Excursion. The peculiarity of this place is given by the presence of a large hypogeum from the late Roman-Byzantine era immersed in the typical landscape of the Hyblean valleys. The major hypogea are three and have an area of […]

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cava della misericordia

Cava Misericordia, a valley in Paradise.

Cava Misericordia Excursion. Cava Misericordia (Misericordia valley) is a visit to one of the most representative karst quarries of the Hyblean plateau in Ragusa. Through the Path of the Hermits, a long stairway carved into the rock, we will descend […]

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