Etna Excursions

Come and discover the history and curiosities of Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with our guided excursions. We support sustainable tourism, so we don’t use cable cars or 4x4s, but only your legs to walk and enjoy this living volcano. Our itineraries are suitable for everyone, from families with four-legged friends to more experienced adventurers who want to climb the slopes of the volcano.

Come and explore the north, south and west sides of Etna and discover its beauty and uniqueness even at the lowest altitudes, discovering that its activity has not manifested itself over time only on the summit craters, but also at different altitudes.

You will be able to discover and visit fantastic lava flow caves, Hornitos, eruptions dating back to past centuries, old extinct craters, admire the Valle del Bove, and not only that…you will be able to immerse yourself in its birch forests which in some seasons evoke Scandinavian landscapes, in the laricio pine woods that fill the air of the woods with scent, you will also discover an extraordinary and interesting endemic vegetation together with the presence of centuries-old and monumental trees.

All our Itineraries have been carefully chosen to guarantee you unique and unforgettable experiences.

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From the Serracozzo Cave to the terrace overlooking the Bove Valley.

Excursion for good walkers, which will take us to know the typical vegetation of these altitudes, which changes attitude as we increase in altitude, with a visit to a highly suggestive lava flow cave, and a final climb that will take us to a magnificent terrace that will offer the grandiose spectacle of the immense Valle del Bove.

Difference in altitude: 500 m. approx.

Route length: approx. 7 km.

Total duration: approximately 6 hours



The ancient volcanic buttonhole from 1865

Easy excursion that allows you to admire the “buttoniera” formed by now extinct craters dating back to the 1865 eruption. Perfect for learning about the volcano and its activity and enjoying a wonderful 360 degree panorama with an immense forest of larch pines and Etna birches, the sea, one of the craters that watches over us, the Peloritani mountains in the distance, and even Calabria which frame the panorama.

Difference in altitude: 200 m. approx.

 Route length: approx. 6 km.

Total duration: approximately 4 hours

Level: EASY.





Lava flow caves and panoramic view from the refuge.

Excursion for good hikers, easily accessible paths. We will get to know the largest and oldest Laricio pine on Etna, we will cross lava flows and visit two beautiful lava flow caves, one of which is set in a forest, which seems to have come out of a fairy tale and the other in the middle of the volcanic desert. After having made these explorations, we will go to one of the most panoramic refuges on Etna where you can enjoy your picnic lunch sitting in one of the many spaces created outdoors or inside the refuge if the weather is uncertain.

Difference in altitude: 300 m. approx.  

Route length: approx. 11 km.

Total duration: approximately 6 hours

Level: EASY (It does not present technical difficulties, but you must be a good hiker).



360 degree panorama in sunset version.

Medium-easy route with short climbs for good walkers. Ideal for enjoying the sunset and for nature photography lovers. This is a trekking route that explores one of the lesser-known slopes. Crossing fairy woods, we will reach the lateral eruptive cones of Etna which erupted in 1974 for 35 days, with particular explosive phenomena. From the top of the extinct craters, we will be able to admire a majestic and breathtaking panorama, including the summit craters, the Simeto river valley, the Nebrodi mountains, other lateral craters and the woods.

Difference in altitude: 400 m. approx.

Route length: approx. 13 km.

Total duration: approximately 6 hours

Level: MEDIUM/EASY (Only the sections to climb the small volcanic cones require commitment, we recommend using trekking poles).


Terrace path on the Bove Valley.

Walk with a short stretch of initial slope, but accessible to all, and then a gentle walk accompanied by a unique panorama which, step by step, will lead us to a large plateau whose edge overlooks the majestic Bove valley dominated by the summit craters. A unique and unmissable show.

Difference in altitude: 200 m. approx.

Route length: approx. 6 km.

 Total duration: approximately 4 hours –

Level: EASY (children aged 8 and up)


Etna historical and botanical path.

Very pleasant excursion that crosses lava fields and which will introduce us to products of volcanic activity such as Hornitos, Lava flow cave, Cannon Stone, the woods that characterize this side and finally a Botanical Garden (open only in the morning) where you can observe all the endemic plants of Etna.

Difference in altitude: 150 m. approx.

Route length: approx. 6 km.

 Total duration: approximately 4 hours

Level: EASY

Super visite guidée de l’Etna hors du tourisme. J’ai pu faire la randonnée avec mon petit chien. La guide Clelia est super et m’a appris beaucoup de choses sur l’histoire du volcan et des siciliens. Je recommande. À bientôt Clelia et merci.