Excursions Regulations


In general Participants are expected to:

1.respect the departure time and the established program, adapting to any changes made by the guide; 

2. show up with a psychophysical condition, clothing and equipment suitable for the excursion or guided tour. In case of doubts, check with the guide before the day of the excursion;

3. maintain disciplined behavior during the initiative, respecting people and private property and complying with the instructions given by the guide regarding the pace to be followed, the position with respect to the group, the distance with respect to the others accompanied, etc., under penalty of forfeiture of any liability of the Guide, its collaborators, any organizers. towards the safety of the person being accompanied; 

4. follow the established route without leaving or leaving the group and without overtaking the guide; 

5. collaborate with the guide for the success of the initiative, as well as being in solidarity with her decisions, especially in the event that difficulties arise (environmental and/or participant conditions) and inform her of any problems that may arise during the course of the planned activities, in particular with regard to one’s own psychophysical conditions and equipment. At its sole discretion, the Guide may at any time, to protect the safety and well-being of the accompanied persons (even if only one accompanied person), even substantially modify the program without this in any case giving rise to disputes by the participants, for example, in the event of bad weather, in the event of an accident or severe tiredness or discomfort of one of the participants, and in any other case of actual or presumed danger.

6. do not pick protected flowers, plants or herbs and in any case respect the instructions given by the guide; 

7. keep your waste up to the appropriate bins.

Each participant is personally responsible for any risky behavior for himself or for others, especially if he were to take personal initiatives despite the contrary opinion of the guide.

Declaration of Eligibility

By accepting these regulations, the Participant declares under his own responsibility that he is in good health and in a psychophysical condition suitable for the practice of the excursion. She/He also declares that She/he has provided the guide with all the information useful for the correct assessment of his/her suitability.


Layered clothing, long hiking pants (light colored recommended), ankle-high hiking boots in good condition or comfortable shoes for walking on rough trails, waterproof jacket and/or rain cape, hat, sunglasses , sunscreen, comfortable backpack, packed lunch and personal water supply of at least 1.5 litres. The use of trekking poles is recommended.

The use of cotton clothes in contact with the body is not recommended: if possible, wear woolen clothes or technical hiking clothes. Inadequately equipped hikers could, at the sole discretion of the guide, be excluded from the hike directly at the place of departure.


The Participant who wants to participate accompanied by his dog has the OBLIGATION, during the booking phase, to communicate the presence of the animal in tow, in order to assess the suitability and methods of participation. The accompanying dog must be docile and easily controllable; the Participant must have the means of conducting and controlling the animal such as a leash and/or muzzle or similar.It will be the responsibility of the Participant to ensure that his dog does not cause damage or disturbance to things, people or animals, that it does not damage the flora, private properties, or other hikers. The responsibility relating to the conduct of the dog and any problems connected to it, is exclusive to the Participant.

Animals in heat or animals that have finished this period in the two weeks preceding the excursion will NOT be admitted.

Failure to communicate the participation of the dog or failure to comply with the provisions aimed at controlling it, may result in the Participant being excluded from the excursion, even at the time of departure.

Photographs and video recordings

During the excursion or guided tour, photographs and/or video footage will be taken which may appear on public domain sites and which will be used by the organization for promotional purposes regarding the activity itself. Participation in the excursion implies the authorization for the publication of the aforementioned material.

Cell phones

Participants are asked to keep their mobile phones silent. In case of need, the interested party is asked to leave the group after communication and authorization from the guide, remaining in sight of the same.

Audio recording and GPS tracks

During excursions and guided tours, the use of GPS instruments or Apps that detect the track for orientation and/or hiking training purposes is permitted, but by participating the accompanied person undertakes not to divulge any recorded tracks. Finally, it is forbidden to disclose any audio/video recordings of the guided tours, except those published on the official web channels of the Guide itself.

Acceptance of the regulation

The participant, in requesting to be accompanied on the above excursion, unconditionally accepts the present regulation, which has been widely publicized. A copy of the regulation is published on the FB page Siciliavagando Adventures as well as on the blog www.cleliastabile.com and is always present in the backpack of the Guide.